We Imagine.

You Play.


We design games and puzzles that increase audience engagement

by giving them the chance to be the hero


We can strategically insert interactions into existing experiences or work with you to build something from the ground up. 

Our passion is designing new ways to play.  We specialize in designing games, puzzles, experiences and immersive events that break the mold and will be remembered, shared, and talked about


In the world of virtual games, tabletop games, live events, conventions, and escape rooms, we push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.


We may begin with something familiar and fun, but then we level it up to a whole new kind of awesome.

"Staying on the cutting-edge is no easy task. It's a joy to find a partner like the Wild Optimists who are truly committed to evolving with the market and delivering an informed and inspired solution every time. They create the sort of experiences that often leave the market racing to catch up with them."

Joe LeFavi, Genuine Entertainment


“Ariel and Juliana are a super creative team and thoughtful designers. I’m always excited to see what they come up with and can’t wait to play their next game!”

Brian Yu, Mattel


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