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At Wild Optimists we design interactive immersive experiences with a focus on games and puzzles for live events, brand marketing, and at home gaming that increase audience engagement by giving players the chance to be the hero

Our passion is designing new ways to play.  Our experiences break the mold.

Bring us a world, location, event, idea, IP, or anything that would benefit from more interactivity and we will work with you to create a unique experience that is fun, enhances your brand and will be remembered, shared, and talked about.

  • Immersive Experiences, Immersive Narrative, Interactive Elements, Integrated Puzzle Quests, Queue Games

  • Ground-up Original Concept and Design

  • Consulting

  • Perfect for: LBE,Theme Parks, Music Festivals, Conventions, Historic Sites, Special Events

  • Movies, Television, Brands, Experiences

  • Interactive Mailers, Virtual Experiences, Social Media Campaigns and Contests, Immersive Shows, Activations

  • Orginal Ideas or IP Based

  • Mass Market or Niche

  • Specialize in: Puzzle, Escape Room, Social Deduction, Party, Competitive, Cooperative

  • Consulting Services

  • Seminars and Workshops

Joe LeFavi, Genuine Entertainment

"Staying on the cutting-edge is no easy task. It's a joy to find a partner like the Wild Optimists who are truly committed to evolving with the market and delivering an informed and inspired solution every time. They create the sort of experiences that often leave the market racing to catch up with them."

Joe LeFavi, Genuine Entertainment



"The Wild Optimists are like the ninja warriors of the immersive and experiential landscape. I leave every conversation with them energized, impressed and excited for the projects we're working on together. I look forward to our creative sessions and their work has been world-class at every stage. These woman are insanely brilliant!" 

Justin Sudds, Right Angle Entertainment


NatashaBerney copy 2.jpg

“Wild Optimists continue to dominate the creative gaming space. I've been particularly impressed with their global partnerships and expansion to gaming experiences and media. These are two spectacular innovators that create award winning products that sell out. Beyond making top quality work, they make products that sell with international appeal.”

Natasha Berney, International Growth, Google


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