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As trailblazers in the field of immersive entertainment, Ariel and Juliana have spoken around the world at universities and conferences such as ComicCon, Wondercon, PAX Unplugged, Digital Hollywood, Up The Game, The Immersive Design Summit, Renegade Virtual Con and the Room Escape Show, sharing our knowledge and experiences. 


We are always happy to give back and guide others who are looking to grow.  Contact us for a list of talks and seminars we can give, or lets work together to craft something original for your attendees. 

Gaming in the Time of COVID
Puzzle Design Seminar
Prototype & Game Pitches

“Ariel & Juliana are creative powerhouses. Due to their passion and high level of professionality they are very inspiring to listen to. They were a great addition to our program at Up the Game 2018 and we hope to see them again some time soon!”

Alexander Gierholz, Up The Game

universal kids

create the escape tv show

Universal Kids wanted to tap into all the stem learning and fun inherent in escape rooms with their pilot, Create the Escape. In the show, teams of kids work together to create an escape room for their parents to run through.


We worked as puzzle consultants, helping to shape the narrative to make sure the challenges were inherent to the story. We presented a variety of puzzle ideas that would be visually interesting and exciting for the viewer at home to watch, then worked with the production team to decide which ones would be best for the kids to create for their parents.  

Create the Escape
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