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the wild optimists

The Wild Optimists is an award-winning interactive entertainment company devoted to designing new ways to play.  In the past three years alone they have created over 40 memorable interactive experiences for tabletop games, virtual games, theme parks, music festivals, historical sites, marketing activations, and more.

WO began when Juliana Moreno and Ariel Rubin combined their theatre degrees and writing backgrounds in Hollywood with their life-long love for gaming to create the Kickstarter sensation, Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment. As the first at home game to ever recreate the “escape room” experience in a tabletop setting for all ages, Escape Room in A Box was a genre-defining success that was licensed by Mattel and soon distributed worldwide. Game of the Year winner at the Mattel Inventor Awards, the Escape Room in a Box brand has now evolved into an ongoing game series with Mattel, selling over 300,000 copies.

Building upon that success, Wild Optimists has since created immersive gaming experiences for a variety of clients on and beyond the game table. Collaborations include interactive design for theme parks such as Universal Orlando and Mall of America, marketing campaigns supporting high-profile Film/TV properties such as Escape Room 1&2 (Sony), Invisible Man (Universal), and Nancy Drew (CW), live immersive experiences for the Electric Forest Music Festival and the Santa Monica Pier; and tabletop game design for Mattel, Renegade, and Arcane Wonders.

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