We were hired to bring the thrill of a big Money Heist off the Netflix screen, through the world of Garena Free Fire and straight into people's homes.  We designed a series of escalating challenges delivered over four days that invited players to join The Professor's crew by completing various tasks and solving puzzles.  The game culminated on day four when players had to do a multi step challenge that required exploring the game, discovering secret websites, and deducing necessary information in order to pull off the big heist! 

"The Wild Optimists embody all the best qualities of great game design: they're delightful, surprising, innovative, and thoughtful, much like the wonderful games they create. These ladies are truly passionate about what they do and it shows in their work."

Cara Mandel, Meow Wolf & Interwoven Immersive



How do you engage a virtual audience? With puzzles of course! For the 2020 ATX Television festival, the CW hired the Wild Optimists to create an online puzzling experience to promote their hit show, Nancy Drew.


The Wild Optimists brainstormed with the writers to create a narrative that was cheeky, fun, and completely on brand.  They designed a series of puzzles that led players on an exciting adventure with their favorite tv stars.  Finally, the Wild Optimists worked with the cast to create compelling videos and unexpected reveals.


The result was a puzzle quest that was fun and approachable, both for diehard fans and those new to the show.


"I love working with the Wild Optimists as they always make each collaboration a wonderful experience. Their endless talents never cease to amaze as they not only come in with unique and fully thought out concepts but also have an excellent understanding of what will play well in different mediums.”

Jared Morell, Den of Thieves



Fox’s hit show Prodigal Son features a protagonist who is obsessed with solving mysteries – particularly the one in his own head.  To generate excitement and engagement on Social Media, we teamed up with Hi 5 to create a weekly puzzle themed to each episode that would teach players to think like the genius protagonist.  Solving each  puzzle rewarded players with a clue: a small hint about that week's mystery on the show!


"The television and film industry is filled with big ideas, but actually executing those ideas is the real challenge. The Wild Optimists are exactly the partners you want when trying to turn dreams into reality. Clever, driven, and a pleasure to work with - Juliana and Ariel's expertise represent huge added value to any project.”

Grant Anderson, XG Productions



To promote the release of the Invisible Man DVD during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, Universal Pictures wanted to give press and influencers a memorable and entertaining experience they could do in the safety of their own home.

The Wild Optimists created an activity book with a wide range of unique puzzles that jumped off the page for a truly immersive experience.  Set in the world of the film, the activity book allowed players to aid Cecilia in her quest to "Find The Invisible Man."

Players thoroughly enjoyed the experience, enthusiastically capturing the fun on social media and creating a swell of buzz for the DVD release.


"I've received a lot of cool press mailers and promotional items over the years, but none as entertaining as this "#EscapeRoom in a Box" from @SonyPictures."

Broke Horror Fan



For the DVD release of the Escape Room movie, Sony commissioned a bespoke game to send to influencers, press, and talent.


We created a game that expands the world of the film.  There are hidden Easter eggs for the die hard fan, and it is a blast even for those with no prior knowledge of the film.


The puzzle flow is exciting, unexpected, and visually interesting (perfect for filming and getting viral shares).