Genuine Entertainment brought us in to design a social deduction card game based on the massively popular video game series from Tiny Build.  We were thrilled to take one of our favorite genres and give it a whole new spin!  Inspired by the creative use of objects in the video game, we introduced a trading mechanic for this card based game.  Doing so allowed us to level the playing field and give all players a chance to gain special powers.  Additionally, no narrator and no deaths means everyone gets to play the whole time. 

"5-10 players take on the roles of either one of the neighborhood kids, the treacherous neighbor or even a secret neighbor. As one of the kids you will need to use your items wisely if you are to locate the keys and unlock the door to win, but beware as not only are the neighbors at the table trying to trick you into voting to let them use a key, but one of your fellow kids is actually a SECRET NEIGHBOR!"

arcane wonders, tiny build


"The Wild Optimists are more than just expert game designers and puzzle-crafters; they understand the inner workings of experiential FUN better than anyone we've had the pleasure of partnering with. And they are great fun to work with too!”

Arcane Wonders




Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment was the first tabletop escape room game on the market. It launched to incredible success on Kickstarter in 2016, funding in 14 hours and raising seven times its funding goal.

ERIAB was then licensed by Mattel winning Game of the Year in 2018 and has gone on to launch an entire Escape Room In A Box series from Mattel.

"For game enthusiasts who are looking to host an unforgettable night of fun, ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX is a 60-90 minute cooperative game where 2-8 players solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden clues in order to unlock an antidote to thwart a mad scientist's plot to turn them into werewolves."

Original Kickstarter Video
Mattel Amazon Video

"[Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment] was one of the best forty minutes of gaming I have ever experienced."

Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games



Escape Room In A Box: Flashback, the thrilling sequel to Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment launched in 2019. Taking the elements that made Werewolf Experiment successful and adding a three track structure to allow for replayability, Flashback has garnered equally high praise as its predecessor.

"To beat this exciting escape room game, you and your friends have 90 minutes to decipher clues, solve puzzles, crack codes and flee the mad scientist werewolf, Doc Gnaw! ​Escape Room in a Box: Flashback challenges your team of 2 to 8 players to work together and solve 19 puzzles, including 4 real combination locks, to escape your fate."



"Juliana and Ariel created a tabletop escape room before that was a thing. They were ahead of the curve in capturing the joy and moments of an escape room in a box and facilitating that play without a gamemaster. Much of the tabletop escape room market is still catching up to them."

David & Lisa Spira, RoomEscapeArtist.com



Born out of the global pandemic, Vampire.Pizza brings the magic and mystery of an immersive gaming experience into player's homes. 


Players order a pizza with a little something extra on the side: a ticket to a vampire revolution! 


Players start by creating a vampire profile, telling the story of their immortal lives. Then it's time to puzzle through a series of unique challenges to prove they are worthy to join the revolution. If they are, players craft their very own #fangforce badge from provided art materials to show off their new allegiance.


"We knew we needed a team that not only brought unmatched creativity and craftsmanship, but also good old fashioned professionalism.  That’s what the Wild Optimists bring to the projects on which we continue to collaborate.  We always know we’re in the best hands."”

Josh Sugarman, Ravel Entertainment