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Escape Room in a box:

the werewolf experiment

For game enthusiasts who are looking to host an unforgettable night of fun, ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX is a 60-90 minute cooperative game where 2-8 players solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden clues in order to unlock an antidote to thwart a mad scientist's plot to turn them into werewolves.

It’s an experience as much as a game. It’s a chance to host an unforgettable night of fun with your friends as you race against the clock to twist your brain around puzzling problems and cunning clues.

We can’t tell you too much without ruining the surprise, but these are not just pen and paper puzzles. There are locked boxes! Keys and codes that must be found! Feats of dexterity, quests for knowledge and mind-bending brain teasers that must be accomplished.

Werewolf Experiment
Jamey Stegmaier

“It was one of the best forty minutes of gaming I have ever experienced.”

Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games

Escape Room in a box:


  • To beat this exciting escape room game, you and your friends have 90 minutes to decipher clues, solve puzzles, crack codes and flee the mad scientist werewolf, Doc Gnaw!

  • Escape Room in a Box: Flashback challenges your team of 2 to 8 players to work together and solve 19 puzzles, including 4 real combination locks, to escape your fate.

  • This thrilling cooperation board game features a fun "flashback" theme and 3 separate game paths! Stick to your path during gameplay and replay next time on a different path with no overlap.

  • Connect to Amazon Alexa to enhance gameplay! Let Alexa time your challenge, provide hints and play a spooky soundtrack for you.

  • Bring a fun challenge to any game night with Escape Room in a Box: Flashback. Perfect for adults or teens 13 years old and up.

Cardboard Republic Tabletop Game Review Site

"This was the first escape room box I played, and it remains a favorite. The production quality is top-notch and the similarities to an in-person escape room experience are astounding."

The Cardboard Republic


Born out of the global pandemic, Vampire.Pizza brings the magic and mystery of an immersive gaming experience into player's homes. 


Players order a pizza with a little something extra on the side: a ticket to a vampire revolution! 


Players start by creating a vampire profile, telling the story of their immortal lives. Then it's time to puzzle through a series of unique challenges to prove they are worthy to join the revolution. If they are, players craft their very own #fangforce badge from provided art materials to show off their new allegiance.

Vampire Pizza

Secret story tours: Santa monica pier

coming soon

For their 110th anniversary, the Pier wanted to do something unique and memorable to celebrate their history.


They hired us to create an official historical tour as a puzzle quest.  It will live on an app and be filled with remarkable facts about the storied pier.


Rather than lecturing players about history, we will make it come alive in their hands, inviting them to discover the mysteries lying just beneath the surface. A tiered hint system will allow the tour to be fun and accessible for both novice players and experienced puzzlers. 


Finally, it will provide unique opportunities to hold history in your hands, and then take a photo to share with the world.   


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