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We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to create gaming experiences that are stimulating, unique, and (of course) FUN! We specialize in cooperative, puzzle-solving, and social deduction games, though we are always up for a challenge. So whether you are looking to develop an original tabletop game for your IP or simply add a puzzling element to a game you’ve already designed, we can help. 

Room Escape Artist

"Juliana and Ariel created a tabletop escape room before that was a thing. They were ahead of the curve in capturing the joy and moments of an escape room in a box and facilitating that play without a gamemaster. Much of the tabletop escape room market is still catching up to them."

David & Lisa Spira,

live events

Interactivity makes any attraction or event way more fun and memorable. Games energize guests, break the ice, and bring people together. Attendees will even share the fun on social media to show the world what they accomplished! 


We can create custom games, floor puzzles, or puzzle quests for any themed attraction, festival, activation, corporate event, convention, or wedding. We’re happy to work with you to design the entire interaction from the ground up, or we can come in and seamlessly integrate the puzzles into what has already been created. Our work has been featured at major industry events such as E3, Gen Con,and IndieCade. 

Live Events
Escape Room Owner Netherlands

“Ariel & Juliana are creative powerhouses. Due to their passion and high level of professionality they are very inspiring to listen to. They were a great addition to our program at Up the Game 2018 and we hope to see them again some time soon!”

Alexander Gierholz, Up The Game


As trailblazers in the field of immersive entertainment, we’ve spoken around the world at universities and conferences such as ComicCon, Wondercon, PAX Unplugged, Digital Hollywood, Up The Game, The Immersive Design Summit, Renegade Virtual Con and the Room Escape Show, sharing our knowledge and experiences.  We are always happy to give back and guide others who are looking to grow.  Contact us for a list of talks and seminars we can give, or lets work together to craft something original for your attendees.  


Escape rooms

Want to ensure that your escape room is well crafted, entertaining, and remarkable for people of all experience levels?  We can design the entire narrative, puzzle flow, and player experience, or simply consult on existing designs to help make them shine.


We also specialize in reskinning existing escape rooms for branded IP or private events.  We can transform a room so that all puzzles and game play lie within the world of the IP, creating an unforgettable experience for fans who have always wanted to step into the world of their favorite story, and drawing in newbies intrigued by the thrilling adventure.  Or we can completely personalize a game with detailed information that is specific to the players for an incredibly special proposal or celebration. 

Escape Rooms
Engaged Couple Escape Room Proposal

"I wanted to do something special for my proposal and my girlfriend and I really enjoy escape rooms, so I was thinking along those lines when a friend recommended Wild Optimists to me.  They are wonderful to work with and did an amazing job customizing an escape room for us.  Their attention to detail was only matched by their glee in helping with the subterfuge so my now-fiancé wouldn't guess what was going on.  It was a wonderful experience, she was completely surprised, and said 'Yes!'"

Will Kistler, Animator


"I thought I was the luckiest person in the world to have some new friends design an escape room around my relationship with my boyfriend (full of pictures, memories and special moments) Not only did I have the BEST time, I got a fiancé too!"

Erin Dean, Producer

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